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    • 1. 詳述 Would you expand upon the matter a little further? 請你再進一步談談這件事好嗎?
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    • Upon用法

      ... me talk about: 但是我們知道prevailed upon後面要加不定詞,這時要如何辨明呢? The verb .... Now, "on" vs "upon": Sometimes, both are interchangeable but they...

    • 我要恐怖蠟像館的英文版論述~ ~ ~ ~急--15 abandoned small town. They discover that the brothers have expanded upon the area's main attraction.. the House of Wax. And created...

    • 求紐約市長彭博演講稿~!!!

      ... our history, each and every generation has expanded upon the freedoms won by their parents and ...