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  1. expect

    • IPA[ɪkˈspɛkt]


    • v.
      regard (something) as likely to happen;regard (someone) as likely to do or be something
    • verb: expect, 3rd person present: expects, gerund or present participle: expecting, past tense: expected, past participle: expected

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  2. 知識+

    • expecting加for有差嗎?

      expect(vi) + for …… expect:vi. 不及物動詞 1. 預計 例. to expect to do sth. 預計會做某事  例. I didn...or an inner surface of the bulb facing to a filament expect for a tip side of the bulb.赤外線反射膜9は...

    • expected to 翻譯語用法

      I expected to have a vacation on.., but... 我(當時)預計在..會有個假期,但... 說明: 這句話動詞expect以過去式表達,指的是當時曾這樣預期著...但也許後來不如預期. I expected to have a vacation in December, but my boss didnt let go. 我原本預計...

    • expectingexpected 的差別...

      Hello... 兩者區別如下喔~ "expected Saturday" expected adj. (形容詞...expecting 還有"懷孕"的意思喔 ; Ann is expecting. 這樣清楚嗎?? 希望對你有幫助喔~