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    • I've Come To Expect It From Yo

      I've Come To Expect It From You. 我已經開始對你有所期待 have...補充: 但在此句 I've come to expect from you 因為個人覺得 come to 好像有 "漸進式...

    • 英文句子翻成中文句

      What do you expect from university training within the limit of English education? 就僅在英語教學方面你對大學教育有什麼期盼呢?Within the limit of XXX 在此是指"XXX的範圍內"

    • 這句英文是什麼意思?Put to trial before

      ...jury, Gideon conducted his defense about as well as could be expected from a layman. G 在陪審團前面對審訊,他(為自己)進行辯護,能有多好...