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    • 急需 英翻中!!今天翻完 20點 請專業的大大幫忙 謝謝!

      ... parameter which was not expected. 目前的研究發現:兩組參數皆並...明顯變化。 It might be due to the lighter weight carried...load training on lower extremity under the dual task condition should consider...

    • 醫學翻譯!!! 好急阿=口= the hospital or clinical venue , and expected environments .... a patient’s function . The patient with hemiplegia may be able to... and doffing of upper extremity clothing . 環境因素對個體...

    • 請幫忙(簡愛讀後心得翻譯成英文)~急需~感謝

      ...hygiene or foods to all differ extremity of school, it make me feel ... together and strongly in the school under go to, this I feel...of of; Pay me indeed as expected and not anticipate, she leads in...