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  1. expected value

    • n.
      a predicted value of a variable, calculated as the sum of all possible values each multiplied by the probability of its occurrence.
    • noun: expected value, plural noun: expected values

  2. 知識+

    • against table 如何翻譯

      ... for completeness and input information validated against tables of expected values. 輸入的數據可以很容易地被檢查其完整性且輸入的資訊也可用表格中預期數值...

    • 可以請大大幫忙翻譯嗎~ 都被同學嫌>”

      ...決策樹分析法決定是否公司應實施試售 (2) In problem 44 determine the expected value of sample information (EVSI) (i.e., the test market value ) and the expected...

    • Program 方面的英文幫翻中

      ...應該是表 2. 所提供的數據。 以下是列印出來的格式 Test      Expected Value  ||  Actual Value        Mean ||  Std...