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  1. expeditions

    • expedition的名詞複數
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    • ”Lewis and Clark Expedition”問題

      ....S. President who ordered the expedition? President Thomas Jefferson ...from her Native tribe, even saved the expedition journals from a capsized boat and most importantly...

    • 求音樂Expeditions

      圖片參考: Latest Release:CommunicateBuy the CD Buy other CDs by Sasha + John Digweed Buy tickets to see Sasha...

    • 一題英文,請會的人幫一下

      ...2. ____ 前是用an 3. 其他答案皆不適合: (B)ailment 病痛 (n) (C)expedition 遠征;探險(n) (D)dilemma 困境(n) 希望對你有幫助喔!