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    • 幫忙克漏字+翻譯英文...(急,10點)

      ... to it that this never happens again, or I'll (have) you expelled from school. (使役V) I was not satisfied with my haircut...

    • 請問motor vehicle的中文翻譯~(20點)

      ...水從一端吸進去從另一端排出來。 3. 把...除名,開除 He was expelled from the club. 他被俱樂部除名了。 9.greenhouse 溫室10.carbondioxide 二氧化碳11.globalwarming...

    • ! ! ~ ~ 英文問題 ~ ~ ! !

      ...中途加選 a course 被當 kicked out of school 被退學 expelled from school 被退學(較正式) 10.pencil sharpener 削鉛筆機 11.paper clip 迴紋針