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  1. exposed to


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    • be exposed toexposed to的差別

      ...後面會有一個受詞 就是被暴露的東西或人 例如 He did not want to expose his fears and insecurity to anyone. 他不想向任何人顯露他的恐懼與...

    • exposed

      ...verb ) 1. 使暴露在(日光、風雨、攻擊、危險等)之中 《例句》 a situation exposed to every wind 四面受風的位置 expose sb to good books 使某人受好書之感化...

    • be exposed to ?

      be exposed to是說對某人曝光 This affair has been exposed to the public. 這件事已對大眾曝光(公諸於眾)