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  1. exposure meter

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    • 請英文高手幫忙翻譯(英翻中)(拒翻譯軟體)

      ...輸出方向與呼氣一氧化氮量、肺容量、呼吸病症的關聯 ¦ homes. Exposure to an IQR road density increase in the 50, 75, and 200 meter buffers was associated with a significant or near significant increase...

    • 求翻譯高手.....中翻英 15點 謝謝!!

      ... to back away the building area over 100 meters from the main street, and successfully avoided the secondary road still caused the violation of sunlight exposure rights and heavy traffic due to the incapability of the...

    • 我要問攝影的相關單字

      ...直接設入鏡頭內而降低影像的反差。 曝光表(Light meter)見「測光表」條。 照明比率(Light見「電動捲片」條。 多重曝光(Multiple exposure)在同一張軟片上曝光多次的方法,影 像在軟片...