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    • okedoke的由來?

      通常會寫成 okie dokie,在英文的說法裏很普遍,並非英國專用。 用法有二種: 1. Used to express approval or agreement. 2. A response some bosses or executives expect after a question of status or quality of work

    • A number of 這個跟many和some差別?

      ... • noun 1 a quantity or value expressed by a word, symbol, or figure. 2 a quantity or amount of something countable. 3 (a number of...a particular type, regarded with approval: a little black number. 7 a grammatical...

    • 誰能幫個忙!翻譯一下內容!

      國際商會NON-CIRCUMVENTION, NON-DISCLOSURE 和運轉協議但是, 簽名於末尾的願望達成協議這定義他們的未來法律責任某些參量, 由機密義務一定談到他們的來源和聯絡。這義務是與國際商會大會符合(I.C.C. 5000) 。但是, 簽名於末尾...