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  1. express oneself

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    • 1. 表達自己的思想(或觀點) You can express yourself freely. 你可以暢所欲言。
    • 2. 表露自己的感情(或想像力等) The little children were expressing themselves in play. 那些小孩子們在遊戲中表現出自己的想像力。
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    • 片語造句問題< express oneself >

      1.Kids usually express themselves by drawing. 2.Teenagers uaually has difficulty in expressing themselves. 想必你也是用三民版的...學生百寶書吧.. 呵呵..

    • 問這句的英文翻譯20點喔!

      I have learnt how to express one's own idea, I am a very introversive and shy or express an opinion now, to the change and progress such as oneself, think too that there is a fulfillment very much ...

    • express的用法 20點

      ...疑問詞 I can't express what happened. 我沒辦法說明發生了什麼事。 4. express oneself Musicians express themselves in music. 音樂家用音樂表現自己。 所以...