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  1. expression

    • IPA[ɪkˈspreʃn]



    • n.
      表達;流露; 表現
    • 名詞複數:expressions

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 表達 to give expression to sth. 表達某事物 he finds it hard to give expression to his thoughts 他覺得難以表達自己的想法
    • 2. 流露; 表現 to accept sth. as an expression of sth. 接受某事物作為某事物的表示 a spontaneous expression of joy/gratitude 喜悅/感激的不自覺流露
    • 3. 情感的表露 to put expression into sth. 在某事物中注入感情 to lack expression 缺乏感情
    • 4. 表情 with an expression of horror/concern 面帶懼色/面露關切 you could tell from her expression that she wasn't happy 她看上去不高興
    • 5. 措詞; 詞語 if you'll pardon the expression 請原諒我這麼說
    • 6. 榨出
    • 7. 表達式


    1. the action of making known one's thoughts or feelings

    2. the conveying of feeling in a work of art or in the performance of a piece of music

    3. a look on someone's face that conveys a particular emotion

    4. a word or phrase, especially an idiomatic one, used to convey an idea

    5. the production of something by pressing it out