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  1. extensive

    • IPA[ikˈstensiv]


    • adj.
      covering or affecting a large area;large in amount or scale
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    • IPA[ɪkˈstɛnsɪv]


    • adj.
      covering or affecting a large area: an extensive garden

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • The extensive ..原文翻譯翻到一半,卡住

      The extensive studies of Haslewood have shown, in general, that in ...

    • undergo extensive screenings

      Airport and school employees undergo extensive screenings.機場和學校的員工需進行廣泛的審查。 說明: 對於應徵要擔任機場和學校的員工, 基於安全的理由, 所以對應徵者的身家背景必須做廣泛性的調查

    • less extensive north of .....

      peoples and functions is less extensive north of the border than south. 北部的民族及活動,不及南部的廣泛。