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    extensive cultivation
  1. extentive cultivation


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    • ”釋迦”的英文如何說? the tropical Americas. Its exact native range is unknown due to extensive cultivation, but thought to be in the Caribbean; the species was...

    • 誰有龍騰版高三英文單字(急需)!!

      ...措施 traumatic - 創傷的 痛苦難忘的 devatating - 毀滅性的 extensive - 廣泛的 property - 資產 scar - 傷疤 tremendous - 極大的 heal...航行 passport - 護照 leisure - 閒暇的 directory - 姓名地址簿 cultivation - 耕種 thrive - 成長 ethnic - 民族的 heritage - 遺產 phonetically...

    • <非常急>請英文達人幫忙抓文章錯誤 (語病+文法)

      1. On the other side, I once volunteered for the school's traffic service,..[full stop]. It was a special experience for me. 2.In my free time 3.watching the movies and listening to music are my favourite...