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    • 你的膚質最合適那些牌子的化妝品?(英文回答)

      ... very good for office lady's day-time makeup. 2. The strangest beauty treatment is to replace plastic eyelash. Mostly this process is done at a beauty saloon, not at an operation...

    • 英文 ”種假睫毛”要怎麼說?

      ...。另外,你如果想說我有戴假睫毛可以這麼講 to wear eyelash extensions (跟戴眼鏡或假髮的英文一樣)。 以下...培訓美容師的,可以參考看看喔 >>> 2009...

    • 麻煩請英文強的批改

      ... of my favorite exhibits was the “Loulan Beauty” mummy. You could see her long eyelashes , hair, and outline. *...Treasures from Xinjiang about three years...