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    • 想問關於排隊的英文

      1. Eyes front! Hands forward! Hands down!2. Hands down!有時「手放下」和「向前看齊」可以是同一種用法喔...

    • 誰能幫我翻出著些英文的中文和詞性

      ...鏟子(名詞),鏟(動詞) rest 休息 動詞,名詞 catch my eye 吸引我的目光 動詞 tent 帳棚 名詞 chase追捕(動詞 名詞...名詞 tickly(不知) glad高興的 形容詞 kitchen 廚房 名詞 in front of....之前 介係詞 bright 光亮的 形容詞,副詞

    • 翻譯 The ground moved again.....

      ...crack started to up from the bottom of the wall in front of her to the top. 在她面前一條長長的裂縫... could see their faces and their eyes.They were terribly afraid. 她可以看到他們...