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  1. fabric sample


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    • INVOICE最後要寫上不具商業價值英文是??

      ...2008-09-14 00:26:53 補充: 我曾在貿易公司上過班 2008-09-16 15:09:00 補充: FABRIC SAMPLE OF NO COMMERCIAL VALUE. 這樣就可以了 省略...

    • than 字眼 問題 翻譯

      ... Vertic, Cold 100 and Elbet. We need the same fabric than the samples.我會給你所有明細單。對於Vertic, Cold 100 and Elbet型號...

    • 問一段句子中翻英

      We’ve completed the test for three fabric samples as provided, but we also encounter a problem. That is, usually...