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    • 請問fabricate . . . 怎翻譯?

      To fabricate is to construct or build by fitting standardized parts...製造;生產 assemble 拼裝;組裝(多用於中小型機器,如玩具屋,模型飛機,和車子) fabricate 組合,拼裝(多用於組合屋和大型機器,如汽船) 加上括號部份,可能比較清楚...

    • 如何在一個英文句子裡寫出一百個字以上

      ... to wear every day, had two frauds, who claimed they could fabricate such cloth as ccould only be seen by people wise and able enough, tailor a whole...

    • produce,make,manufacture用法異同

      ...amp; manufacture 都不適宜。另有動物生產的意思。 2007-04-02 09:57:12 補充: fabricate 有編織、組成、偽造的意思 fabricate the story < = make the story...