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    • 請高手幫我用fabulous造句

      ...absolutely fabulous. 我感覺好極了. 3.傳說的.預言的 The dragon is a fabulous creature. 龍是傳說中的動物.

    • 翻譯此句英文!希望可以翻譯的很有美感~

      ...的美應該用最高級單字) 美景 = marvelous scenery 美景 = fabulous scenery 美景 = superb scenery 美景 = magnificent scenery 美景...上 Life, is ought to be spent on wonderful creatures. (creature 比 thing 更詩意化的表示創造萬物的生命...

    • 英文演講比賽的稿子幫我加點東西~急10點

      .... Scuba diving is also a fabulous choice when you want to enjoy something different. I know, fish is shy and smart. Any strange creature, just like me, couldn’t touch them! ...