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  1. facade

    • IPA[fəˈsɑːd]


    • n.
      the principal front of a building, that faces on to a street or open space;a deceptive outward appearance
    • noun: facade, plural noun: facades

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    • IPA[fəˈsäd]


    • n.
      the face of a building, especially the principal front that looks onto a street or open space.

    Oxford American Dictionary

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    • 短篇英文作文,以日記式發揮

      ...thing I hate about in my life is the facade I put on everyday, and the facade i face daily. ...guess this is the complexity of being a man. FACADE:deceptive appearance: the way something or somebody appears...

    • 請問建築物的facade怎麼翻譯才好聽?


    • 請幫我翻譯一下

      ...是"concrete"是"concrete" It is a cement-based facade paint which is designed for both internal and external use on old and new...