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  1. face ache


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    • 有關「ache」的相關用法?

      ...找不到 其他的字也要改一下 全文正確是 what happened to your face? It's red as 「swollen」. I bought this cream that's supposed to reduce 「aching」. Well,it doesn't seem to work. 你的臉怎麼了?紅紅的好像腫起來...

    • 我要F開頭的所有英文單字~

      ...2007-02-06 17:28:30 補充: fabulous fabulously FAC fac fac. facade faccm face face ache face card face cloth face cream face flannel face guard face lifting face pack...

    • 魏如萱《相聚一刻》歌詞翻譯

      ...優雅正在離開 I don't know what your face is meaning 我不知道妳的臉的含義 Often enough I bore your aching 我時常的讓你無聊到痛 Hoping to learn that...