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    • run for cover

      英語 face the music 和 run for cover 都是成語。跟音樂無關。 face the music 是「承擔...of people in this world . Those who stand up and face the music ,and those who run for cover. Cover is better . 這個世上...

    • 請問下列這段話的意思(英翻中)

      Asset with face amount covers at least 2 month mortgage payment 資產的帳面價值,足以支付,至少兩個月的(房屋)貸款。

    • 關於初級的英文文法?

      [翻譯]The suspect was arrested with his face covered by a helmet. 臉上罩著頭盔的嫌犯被逮捕了。 [文法]有三種類似易混淆的文法...