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  1. face up (or upwards)

    • ph.
      with the face or surface turned upwards to view
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    • screw faced??

      ...faced 可能有以下解釋: 查詢英習語中有一句為: screw your eyes / face up : to tighten the muscles of your eyes or face because the light...

    • on the face 和 in the face 意思??

      ... has called for national unity in the face of the violent anti-government protests. on the face make sense. But the figures don't add up. 以上都沒有在某人面前的意思. 所以在某人面前應寫成...

    • 請幫我翻譯一小段英文翻譯好嗎謝謝

      1.切乳酪 2.face 由 3.sooner 或最新 4.chemical 反應決定 5.have 某事做 6.digestines 系統