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  1. face up to


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    • 1. 勇敢地對付;面對事實 He had to face up to the fact that his family disapproved of his wife. 他必須面對家人不贊同婚事的事實。 He faced up to his difficulties manfully. 他以男子漢的氣概勇敢地面對困難。
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    • screw faced??

      ...英習語中有一句為: screw your eyes / face up : to tighten the muscles of your eyes...of disgust or distaste ex: yo dude that cheif just screw faced you as we walked by. (老兄,當你走過去時...

    • 請幫忙英文片語翻譯,謝謝嚕!!!!

      face up to = 面對事實 at some point = 在某些階段/時間 (如at some point in...不時 in this case = 既然這樣 no longer = 不再是 familiar to = 熟識 pass down = 流傳下來 come up with (eith打錯了是不是 ?) = 趕上, 想出(答案, 解決方法等) ...

    • 不懂 turn a kind face to mine

      因為我們說face to face 是面對面的意思 而這句話翻成中文就是他轉過來面對我 所以我們先不管a kind這個形容詞,這個句子變成: he turn (his) face to mine =he turn (his) face to my face 看懂了嗎?? 意思就是他把...