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  1. facial recognition

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    • 1. 顏面辨識 Facial recognition is one of the new functions of an I-phone. 顏面辨識是蘋果手機的新功能之一。
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      ... cleaning from a basic need into an essential recognition. A group of young girls living in southern...survey on their choices in purchasing facial cleansers, as well as the correctness of the method of...

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      活動項目: 瑪:詮釋,監測,工具 自主睡眠模式分析 聽覺脫敏遊戲 自動實時生活環境應力識別 檢察官 定制的計算機為媒介的干預措施 社會情緒智能工具包 從面部頭部動作識別情感表達的評價工具 探索時空格局的微笑 外化工具包 情感認知面部視頻 在網站上的面部表情分析...

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