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  1. facts

    • fact的名詞複數
    • 相關詞
    • n.
      事實[C][+(that)] The fact that he has fully recovered makes me feel good. 他已痊癒,真令我高興。 But nothing can alter the facts. 但任何東西也改變不了這些事實。
    • n.
      事實 isn't it a fact that the firm is losing money? 公司正在虧損,這難道不是事實嗎? hard facts 事實真相
    • adv
      確切地說 we finished it yesterday, as a matter of fact 其實,這事我們昨天就完成了 I used to live in France; in fact, not far from where you're going 我以前住在法國;確切地說,離你要去的地方不遠
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      【口】精確的資料; 準確的情報 Before we make detailed plans, we need some more facts and figures. 我們還需要更多的精確資料才能制定出詳細計劃。
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      ...省略, 唯獨在名詞子句作為主詞時, That要放在句首, 不可省略. The fact (that) Ann likes her new job is clear. 前面加個...

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      It is a fact that I almost drowned makes me very careful about water safety...兩個,少一個連接詞,唸起來一定不通順,必然錯誤。 It is a fact that I almost drowned that makes me very careful about water...

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      1.The fact that he is in love with her. 這不是一個完整句子, 結構是: 名詞...這個事實 2.He just broke up with her. Due to the fact, he doesn't want to be in a relationship. 兩句可合併為: Due to the fact...