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  1. fair game

    • ph.
      認為可追逐(或嘲弄)的人(或物), 可抨擊的對象
    • 釋義


    • 1. 認為可追逐(或嘲弄)的人(或物), 可抨擊的對象 The younger teachers were fair game for playing tricks on. 那些年輕教師常是受作弄的對象。 The private lives of film stars should not be considered as fair game for newspaper reporters. 電影明星們的私生活不應該被看作是記者們可隨意批評的目標。
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      The new boy at school seemed to be fair game for farcical jokers. A few vocabularies... I do that? I thought a fair game is the game that everyone wins?

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