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  1. fair-haired

    • IPA[fɛːˈhɛːd]


    • adj.
      having light-coloured hair.;(of a person) favourite; cherished
    • 釋義
    • adj.
    • 1. having light-coloured hair.
    • 2. (of a person) favourite; cherished:

      the critics' fair-haired boy of the moment

  2. 知識+

    • 十萬火急:跪求大師簡易中翻英 girls. 3. 他頭髮為金黃色,十分顯眼,帥氣 He is a fair-haired, handsome and dazzling boy. 他身高至少180以上,班上同學,相當崇拜他...

    • 文章中翻英~附前例翻譯~part1 must not short under 15 cm , hair color is not limit but we will love to have fair-haired and gray hair. Please send your hair with a package to ...

    • 尋找適合的英文名字(女生)

      ... - the lucky one Fay - Little fairy Fenella - one with a fair should Ferdinanda - one a daring trip Flavia - golden-haired Phaedra - bright, radiant Phoebe - brightest of women...