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  1. faith healing


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    • 英文句子翻譯有三句

      1.Also known as faith healing,or"mind and body connection,"various forms...they have not been able to help a patient,spiritual healing just may work. 一些傳統的醫生說,當他們已經不能夠...

    • 歌詞翻譯 Wrapped by Gloria Estefan

      ... from being with you 對和你在一起隱瞞我 I cradle your faith that reveals me 我將顯示我的你的信任置於搖籃中 Grows like a flower then heals me 像一朵花然後治愈我的一樣種 Fills me with promise anew...

    • 請問各種花的英文、花語及花色

      ... looks freeze me • Iris - Faith; hope; wisdom and valour; my compliments...23:56:25 補充: • Yarrow - Health; healing • Yew - Sorrow • Oak...