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  1. faith healing


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    • 英文句子翻譯有三句

      1.Also known as faith healing,or"mind and body connection,"various forms...they have not been able to help a patient,spiritual healing just may work. 一些傳統的醫生說,當他們已經不能夠...

    • 請問各種花的英文、花語及花色

      ... looks freeze me • Iris - Faith; hope; wisdom and valour; my compliments...23:56:25 補充: • Yarrow - Health; healing • Yew - Sorrow • Oak...

    • 請幫我把這篇文章翻成英文

      ...into harmonious resonance in the universe. This article of faith in the Jade Emperor, the integration of the..., application cosmic energy, physical and psychological healing for the people, in addition to educate people to adapt to all...