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  1. fall

    • KK[fɔl]
    • DJ[fɔ:l]


    • n.
    • vi.
    • 名詞複數:falls

    • 過去式:fell 過去分詞:fallen 現在分詞:falling

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 落下;跌倒[C][(+from)] The fall from his horse broke his arm. 他從馬上跌落摔壞了胳膊。
    • 2. 降落;降落量[C] During the afternoon, there was a sudden heavy fall of snow. 下午突然下起了大雪。
    • 3. 下降;減少[C][(+in)] We are expecting a fall in stock prices. 我們預料股市價格將要下跌。
    • 4. 落差[S][(+of)] The fall of the river here is three feet. 這裡河水落差為三英尺。
    • 5. (政府)垮臺;(城市,要塞)陷落[the S] The people did not cease to resist even after the fall of the capital. 即使在首都失陷以後人民也沒有停止抵抗。
    • 6. 墮落[S] The play was about the fall of an honest man. 這齣戲是關於一個誠實的人墮落的故事。
    • 7. 【美】秋天[the S] I may be going back in the fall. 我可能在秋天回去。
    • 8. 瀑布[P]


    • 1. 落下;降落 Leaves fall from the trees. 葉子從樹上落下。
    • 2. 跌落;跌倒[(+over/down)] She slipped and fell over. 他滑了一下跌倒了。
    • 3. 下降;減退;減弱 Production costs fell by 30%. 生產成本下降了百分之三十。
    • 4. 【書】戰死,陣亡[L] Many men fell in battle. 許多人在戰鬥中陣亡。
    • 5. 變成;成為[L] They first met at university and later fell in love. 他們在大學裡初次相遇,後來相愛。 After a while I fell asleep. 一會兒以後我睡著了。
    • 6. (政府,政權等)垮臺 The Government has fallen again. 政府又垮臺了。
    • 7. (城市,陣地等)陷落 The city fell to the enemy. 該城失陷了。
    • 8. (臉色)變陰沉 His face suddenly fell. 他的臉色突然一沉。
    • 9. (黑夜)降臨;(目光,重音)落在 The accent falls on the first syllable. 重音落在第一個音節上。 Darkness was falling fast. 天很快黑了下來。
    • 10. 下垂[Q][L] Her hair falls to her shoulders. 她長發披肩。
    • 11. (地面)傾斜;(河,水)流入[Q] The land falls gently to the sea. 地面緩緩地向海邊傾斜。
    • 12. 被說出[(+from)][L] Not a word fell from his lips. 他一聲不吭。
    • 13. 屬(於)[(+into)] They fall into different categories. 他們屬於不同的類別。
    • 14. 【舊】墮落


    vi. 落下;下降;跌倒

    n. 落下;滑倒

    vt. 跌倒;毀壞;挫敗

    n. 秋天

    n. 瀑布;假髮


    「vi. 落下;下跌」的反義字

    「n. 跌倒;下降;秋天」的反義字