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  1. fall back

    • ph.
      後退; 撤退; 退卻
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    • ph.
    • 1. 後退; 撤退; 退卻

      The enemy fell back as our troops advanced. 我軍前進, 敵軍後退。

    • ph. 依賴, 求助於

    • In an emergency we can always fall back on our savings. 在緊急時我們總可以依靠我們的積蓄。

      At least we can fall back on candles if the electricity fails. 停電時我們至少可以使用蠟燭。

    • ph. 後退跌在(某物)

    • ph. 後退跌在(某物)

    • vt. 求助於

    • your parents won't always be there to fall back on 你不可能總是依靠父母

      at least he's got his savings to fall back on 至少他還有積蓄可賴以生活

    • ph. 退守,退卻到…

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    • ph.
    • vi.
    • the enemy fell back as our troops advanced 我軍向前挺進,敵軍向後撤退

      she fell back in horror 她嚇得直往後退

    • ph.

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