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  1. fall behind

    • vi.
      落在後面;拖欠; 沒有及時做
    • vt.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 落在後面 to fall behind in the arms race 在軍備競賽中落後
    • 2. 拖欠; 沒有及時做 I had to sit up studying all night so as not to fall behind 我不得不整晚熬夜學習,以免落下功課 to fall behind with sth. 拖欠某物


    • 1. 落在某人/某事物的後面 he has fallen behind his classmates in maths 他在數學方面落後於班上的其他同學 their wages have fallen behind (earnings in) the private sector 他們的工資比私營企業員工(的薪水)低