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    fall in love

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    • falling for you的差別

      ...different, we shall take away the "love" in "fall in love", then compare the difference between "fall for" want the difference between "fall for" and "fall in love", then the major difference is its "...

    • way to falling in love ...英文語意

      way to falling in love like falling rain 這是ㄧ個帶有修飾語的名詞而已, 不可譯成一個句子...道) way to xxx : XXX之道. to是介系詞(而非不定詞引字), falling in love 是動名詞片語. 整行應是一個標題 翻譯 如同下雨般墜入情網之道 另例: way...

    • 幫忙翻譯一下ビビアン・スー的歌詞

      恋(こい)におちて-Fall in love-       もしもねがいがかなうなら...わしててをとめた I’m just a woman Fall in love If my wishes can be true...