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  1. fall into

    • ph.
      陷於(錯誤等); 陷入(某種狀態);開始
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    • 1. 陷於(錯誤等); 陷入(某種狀態) They were on their way to the library. Bob, who was thinking about his homework, fell into a hole. 他們正要去圖書館。鮑伯正在想他的家庭作業, 就掉進一個洞裡。
    • 2. 開始 I fell into conversation with a girl on the bus. 我偶然間和一個女孩在公車上聊起來。 While taking my children to the playground, I fell into conversation with another mom. 當我帶孩子們去遊樂場時, 我和另一位媽媽聊起來了。
    • 3. 分成, 分為 This topic falls naturally into four parts. 這個主題很自然地分為四部分談論。
    • 4. 屬於 The word falls into the class of verbs. 這個詞屬於動詞類。
    • 5. (河流)流入, 注入 Here the river falls into the sea. 這條河從這裡注入大海。


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