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  1. fall into contempt

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    • 1. 受人輕視 You will fall into contempt by such foolish behaviour. 如此愚蠢的舉止會使你受人輕視。
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    • 請翻譯成英文 送四十點

      ... at the heart with other’s contempt. 請不要對我說:靠自己。我不是沒有... just hopeless. Sinking into deep despair, I started there for me whenever I fall and want a shoulder to cry on.When...

    • 請教對應貼切的中英文諺語(2005-05-17問)

      ...than cure. 預防勝於治療。 Pride goes before a fall. 驕者必敗。 Prosperity makes friends...without fire. 無風不起浪;無火不生煙。 to convert defeat into victory. 轉敗為勝。 to harp on the same string. 舊調重彈...