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    • 看Transitor Seconds.第二電晶體
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    • 狠急..請問這句英文什麼意思?!

      放射性微塵組分被排序並且篩選保證只正確和好零件將被重複利用嗎? Are fallout components sorted and screened to ensure only correct and good parts will be reused?

    • 關於warn的問題 5點

      ...所以全句是「警告日本不得國有化島嶼」。 Japan warned of economic fallout over island dispute. 日本警告島嶼爭執可能帶來經濟後果。 Japan warned...

    • 英文翻譯一句話,有關我的母親。送20點

      ...race going for everybody. I saw some serious blood-boiling fallouts on the way. It sure ain't pretty my friend. Keep it up...