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  1. false alarm

    • IPA[ˈˌfôls əˈlärm]


    • n.
      a false report of a fire to a fire department.;a warning given about something that fails to happen.
    • noun: false alarm, plural noun: false alarms

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      ...操作費用 3. prospective buyers 預期的買主 4. zoom lens 伸縮鏡頭 5. false alarm 錯誤的警報 6. the lives of the rich and famous 生命那富有又出名的 7...

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      ...same class, the mood differs to go to and does not go, Be just false alarm afterwards a field, the security passes, the whole summer vacation is from repair...

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      ...the reslut, but fortunately my health examination report came out it just a false alarm. Even though, I thought “men conquer nature eventually...