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  1. false positive


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    • 急需英文翻譯短文,不要翻譯軟體3

      ...acceptance report content completeness, convenience and timeliness of submitting a false, false, false positive calls have reverse checking and counter functions effectively reduce...

    • 麻煩幫忙翻譯英文(請用醫學方式翻譯)

      The d’ score was computed using the corresponding z score of the hit and false-positive rates, based on signal detection theory.依據信號察覺理論﹐d ' 分數是以對應的z分數的命中率和偽(假)陽性反應率來計算。。

    • 有關食品科學的一段話...原文

      ...倍率的hly基因(732 bp)證實有李斯特菌。 PCR was able to eliminate the false positives and detect all L. monocytogenes in the food products, unlike...