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  1. familistic

    • KK[͵fæməˋlɪstɪk]
    • DJ[͵fæmiˋlistik]


    • adj.
  2. 知識+

    • 徵求~F開頭的英文單字

      ...13.fallacious 1.謬誤的 2.騙人的;靠不住的 14.familiarly 1.親密地 2.通俗地 15.familistic 1.家庭主義的 參考看看,祝你成功ㄛ!

    • education monopolizing

      ... a \"profession\" above the status of a mere craft, in explicit contrast to the familistic or guild structure of on-the-job training by apprenticeship. This is...社會學上的定義,將『專業』界定為:強而有...

    • Restrictedly local closure

      ...household could be widened in another direction, one that remained compatible with familistic organization. 1)請問Restrictedly local closure作何解釋 2)compatible with的...