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  1. PyDict


    • 著名的,馳名的,聞名遐邇的;極好的
    • 釋義

    • 1. 著名的,馳名的,聞名遐邇的
    • 2. 極好的
    • 3. 擅長的
  2. 知識+

    • was noted for和was famous by的差別

      be noted for = be famous for 以...而出名的所以可知 C 不對剩下 A ...答案選B-------------補充------------------The city is famous for its silk.該市以出產絲綢而聞名於世。並不是 be famous...

    • Famous 和 well-known 用法

      "Famous" and "well-known" are synonyms, meaning... well-known that he is a good musician. He is a famous musician. He is a well-known musician. As you see, the...

    • your very famous!

      ...寫一些比較口語.簡單或是台式的英文啦!! 我想他應該是講 your very famous 你很有名 don't worry! your nice write English :) 不要擔心...