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  1. famous for

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    • 1. 以...聞名 Beijing is famous for its scenery. 北京以其景色著稱。



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    • was noted for和was famous by的差別

      be noted for = be famous for 以...而出名的所以可知 C 不對剩下 A ...答案選B-------------補充------------------The city is famous for its silk.該市以出產絲綢而聞名於世。並不是 be famous...

    • 誰可以用be famous for造句

      1.This school is famous for its computer classes.(這所學校以電腦課而聞名) 2.In fact,the...

    • 關於well-known, famous 得問題

      be well-known/famous for +某事 be well-known/famous as + 職業或身分 (以....出名) well...職業或身分 例如His father is well-known as a musician. famous for + 某事 例如His father is well-known for his music.