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  1. fan out

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    • 1. (尤指士兵)作扇形散開 The troops fanned out as they advanced. 部隊向前推進時呈扇形散開。
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    • Fan out to like and kind?

      像那樣子與類型一樣地散開 2011-03-26 09:46:52 補充: like and kind與喜歡不喜歡一點關係都沒有啦! 2011-03-26 21:03:37 補充: 我想Ashley的說法與我的說法不一樣的在於對like的寮解: like只有在當動詞與某些名詞時有喜歡的意思 其他的應用都是similar to 與similarity 的意思 尤其是與kind...

    • 英文作文 文法問題

      1.The bride throws a fan out of the limo window, lets her sisters or brothers pick...bride will not regret and not rest as an ideal wife (the Chinese pronunciation of fan is the same as a Chinese word , leave) 這象徵新娘不能後悔...

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      Tens of thousands of fans turned out to watch Australia's World Cup soccer team, affectionately...