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  1. fancy

    • IPA[ˈfænsi]



    • vt.
      想要; 想做;愛慕
    • n.
    • adj.
      有精美裝飾的;高級的; 花言巧語的
    • 過去式:fancied 過去分詞:fancied 現在分詞:fancying

    • 名詞複數:fancies

    • 比較級:fancier 最高級:fanciest

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 想要; 想做 what do you fancy for lunch? 午餐你想吃點甚麼? do you fancy a drink? 想喝一杯嗎?
    • 2. 愛慕 I rather fancy her 我看上她了
    • 3. 認為 I fancy it's going to rain today 我覺得今天會下雨 I fancy I've seen her somewhere before 我覺得以前在哪裡見過她
    • 4. 認為…會贏 which horse do you fancy in the next race? 下一場比賽你認為哪匹馬會贏? I fancy him to win the tournament 我認為他會贏得錦標賽


    • 1. 一時的念頭 a passing fancy 心血來潮 as or whenever the fancy takes sb. 只要某人樂意
    • 2. 一時的喜愛 to catch or take sb.'s fancy 吸引某人 the only thing that took my fancy at the auction was an antique writing desk 拍賣會上我唯一中意的是一張古董寫字桌
    • 3. 想像; 想像力 is it fact or fancy? 這是事實還是幻想? he paints whatever his fancy suggests 他想到甚麼就畫甚麼
    • 4. 想像的事物 did I really see it, or was it only a fancy? 我是真的看到了它,還是只是幻覺? I had a fancy that something was going to go wrong 我隱約預感到,有甚麼事要出岔子
    • 5. 花色小蛋糕


    • 1. 有精美裝飾的 a fancy hat 別致的帽子 fancy cakes 花式蛋糕
    • 2. 高級的; 花言巧語的 fancy foreign food 高檔外國食品 what do you want for lunch? — nothing fancy: a cheese sandwich will do 午飯你想吃點甚麼?──簡單點,來個奶酪三明治就行了
    • 3. 奢華的 a fancy house 豪宅 a fancy restaurant 高檔餐廳
    • 4. 昂貴的
    • 5. 不切實際的
    • 6. 複雜的
    • 7. 優質的
    • 8. 珍奇的


    1. feel a desire or liking for

    2. find sexually attractive

    3. imagine; think

    4. a superficial or transient feeling of liking or attraction

    5. the faculty of imagination

    6. an unfounded or tentative belief or idea


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