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    fancy dress ball

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    • 英文單字和文法的問題請英文高手幫幫忙。。。

      ...ball to celebrate the New Year. A. dress B. dance C. fancy-dress D. smoking 解答: B 因為dance ball 指舞會 II. 文法選擇 1. Susan usually goes jogging...

    • Help~~about Halloween幫忙翻一下,謝謝!

      ... in recent years of the Halloween fancy ball is more and more interesting, can sink to...example, buy to point out easily especially, related dress up a diversification, the princess who includes basic...

    • 幫我翻一下!!!

      ...into six footmen, who hopped up behind the carriage in their fancy livery and lace and held on as if they had never done anything...