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    • 請幫我中翻英

      I used to fantasize about the sweet days that we had Perhaps all this is my don't know that I am still in love with you But please don't forget about me

    • BJ單身日記 I裡頭的台詞

      ...同時也藉此調情。 ★ Q:Bridget講一句話: "especially will not fantasize about a particular person who embodies all these things" 這句話我看...

    • 英翻中只剩這二句我翻譯文法怪怪的!

      ...有用物品。 Chances are-especially if you’re a male one time you fantasized about going pro in some sport. 機會在於,尤其當您是一個男性,一旦您夢想成為...