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    • 龜兔賽跑英文翻中文

      ...for some time兔子一馬當先輕快跑著一段時間 ,then seeing that he was far ahead of the tortoise接著眼見牠遙遙領先烏龜一段距離 ,he thought he'd sit...

    • 請問各位大大,可以幫我檢查文章文法嗎

      ... myself That you would be waiting for me not far ahead. This was how I told myself, But in reality...

    • 中文翻譯英文(一句話)

      ...around the corner. (成功在前方;希望也就在轉角) Success is not far ahead and hope is also just around the corner. (成功在不遠的前方,而且希望也就...