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  1. fashion plate


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    • 7小句英文.請幫我翻譯一下10點

      1. fashion-plate 2. in brief或in short 3. He puts on clothes to be specially attractive. 4. to add the finishing touch 5. take somone surprise 6. match perfect 7. in vain

    • 英文,看不懂star wattage, fashioning wattage in the dining room than the food on the plate. But away from the glare of popping flash... generation of chefs is quietly fashioning a new culinary vocabulary, one that combines classic...

    • 幫忙解英文(關於餐旅服務)

      ... Plate 不知道 Service Plate 服務盤 Clear Soup Spoon 清... Saucer 香檳杯 Old-Fashioned glass 古典酒杯 Tulip 鬱金香杯 Highball...