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    • 時髦的,上流社會的,流行的
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    • 時尚城市 = fashionable city OK嗎?

      可以。你也可以用 chicest: New York may pride itself on being one of the chicest cities in the world. 或者說的更清楚: ... held in Singapore, one of the leading cities for fashion and fashion design in Asia.

    • 請問一下,“時髦”的英文該如何翻譯呢

      fashionable a. (形容詞 adjective) 1. 流行的,時尚的;時髦的 She often wears a fashionable hat. 她常戴一頂時髦的帽子。 2. 上流社會的;高級的 She moves...

    • 想請問一下關於no matter(無論)的用法

      Fashionable clothes and delicious food are both available here. 時尚衣服、好吃的...both fashionable clothes and delicious food. 要時尚衣服、好吃的食物 來吧! fashionable clothes and delicious food. 時尚衣服、好吃的食物......不成句但簡單明瞭...