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  1. fashioned

    • fashion的動詞過去式、過去分詞
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    • 英文作文college fashion

      結構: 1.先簡單點出college fashion大概是包含什麼性質,再寫出共通點。 fashion中有哪些是你最喜歡的...不同的看法。 fashion對整個college的影響。 例如: 1.College fashion, is made by every popular thing like...... 2.College fashion could...

    • fashion和entertainment magazine

      沒錯 fashion magazines是像Seventeen,Marie Claire,Vogue...雖然很有地方有類似 (像是entertainment magazines也有心理測驗和服裝化妝 而fashion magazines也會有八卦) 最大的差別應該是在文章 像fashion magazines...

    • about fashion

      lingerie : women's under wear 女性的內衣 Shirtology is a t-shirt ( shirts )graphics research and study. shirt 襯衫 P.S. I don't have Chinese software to type Chinese but I can read Chinese...