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  1. fat removal

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    • 「油切」是什麼意思?它的英文應該怎麼翻譯?

      ... tea [trim 切除] (3) fat-removing tea [remove 移除;去除] (4) fat removal tea [remove 移除;去除] 我每一個都有上英文搜尋引擎查,第一和第四個有相關...

    • 文章的中文翻譯英文是否翻譯正確 indirect heating by using of solvent, and easy to cumulative Yu fat easily excluded, using most has statistics of biological processing to removal, but time long, for more chlorine of more chlorine joint benzene effect does not good...

    • [英文]幫忙翻譯-綠茶的好處

      ...vitamin B1, C and caffeines are good for disgestion and removal of fats. Drinking green tea is the most simple, economics way for your health...